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Imagine a world where no one knows who you are, would you be frightened or would you be elated?


Non-places, non-people and non-relationships have now become our reality. Joining forces with the hum of the paranoid unconscious, we no longer define the real and the virtual. Pretend. The internet user must pretend. Identity is far too fragile and malleable in the hyper real era. Public and private boundaries are dissipating to merge into a ‘reveal all’ culture. If you went out last night, how does the world know it really happened if you haven’t documented it on social media? 

As individualism exacerbates we feel no sense of belonging and everything starts to become superficial. We are painfully visible and embarrassingly ignored. Dictated by the amounts of likes we receive on a photograph this acceptance toys with underlying societal insecurities. With the constant flux between our virtual and real self we have multifaceted personalities and personas online. When the boundaries of ambiguity are tested, uncertainty reigns supreme, can we ever be sure what we perceive is reality?


Question everything.

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